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    Welcome to the stunning fell and forest scenery of Lapland!

    40th Lapponia Ski Event in Lapland 10.-13.4.2017




    Registrations to race office (open Sun 9th from 3.30 pm until 7 pm, Mon-Thu 9 am-7 pm). Race office tel. +358 40 642 8543. FOllow our latest updates at Facebook (Lapponia-hiihto)! Download Racemap-application to your smartphone for free and join the race either as a skier or follower!

    PLEASE NOTICE! FIRST SKIING DATE HAVE CHANGED! Due to Finnish National Championchip race first skiing day Keimiön Kiekerö is 10th of April. Time bibs are available on the 9th of April for the first skiing day. We apologise for the inconvenience!

    Organized annually in April, Lapponia Ski Event brings together cross-country skiers from all around the world to the amazing fells of West Lapland. Lapponia offers unforgettable skiing in unique scenery, with sunshine and snow galore, and great company of old and new friends.

    Since 1978 Lapponia Ski Event challenges skiers of all levels to test their limits and have fun. With three different distances, full, half and quarter races to choose from, your skiing week will be full of superb trails from magical forests to wide open lakes and fells with challenging weather conditions. All races run towards Olos in Muonio. Lapponia Ski Event is a unique opportunity to enjoy skiing in scenery beyond and above your everyday trails. You can take your pick among the individual races or participate in a week competition. The winners of the week competitions are honoured in the prize giving ceremony. The rest of our highly valued prizes are raffled amongst all participants.

    Olos is the hub of Lapponia Ski Event where you find the race office and also entertainment program. Take a look at our routes and classes and choose your week's trails. See you at Lapponia Ski Event! Information on accommodation in Muonio area available here.

    Lapponia Ski Event is organized by the non-profit association Lapponia Hiihto ry. The association wants to support cross-country skiing as sport and encourage future generations to develop a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, Lapponia Ski Event helps local actors such as sport and youth clubs. The majority of our Ski Event staff are volunteering members of local clubs and communities in Muonio. We are proud to support the local communities!

    Welcome to Lapponia Ski Event!

    Competition director Juha Niemelä puh. +358 40 820 8397
    Secretary of the race Tanja Pyhäjärvi puh. +358 40 668 4878

    Lapponia Ski Event during upcoming years 9.-13.4.2018!

    Director of competition Juha Niemelä +358 40 820 8397

    TD Ahti Laaksonen +358 400 491 269

    ATD Niklas Turku +358 400 715 655


    Oloshotellintie 25

    FIN-99300 Muonio

    Puh. +358 40 668 4878/Secretary of the race Tanja Pyhäjärvi or

    Puh. +358 16 536 111/Lapland Hotel Olos

    e-mail: info(at)lapponiahiihto.fi