Year 2015:                       7.-11.4.2015

Keimiön Kiekerö 60 km and Keimiön 1/2 Kiekerö 30 km, Tuesday 7.4.2015

Himmelriikin Hiihto 50 km and Himmelriikin 1/2 Hiihto 25 km, Thursday 9.4.2015

Karra Huikonen 80 km and Puoli-Huikonen 40 km, Saturday 11.4.2015

New web site and registration system is due to be opened during November!

There are a couple hundred kilometres of ski tracks in a beautiful landscape in Olos, Muonio, Finland. The nearest airport is Kittilä (45 min) and railway stations Kolari (1 hour) and Rovaniemi (2,5 hours). The ski week is about having a good time in great company. Everybody receives a highly admired medal and diploma. After skiing you can enjoy sauna, swimming and dancing. Race office is located at Olos.

The Ski Routes and Style

The routes have been marked and they are prepared both for free and classic ski-style, so you can choose your style.


Keep your start number always visible. If you for some reason decide to drop out, inform the officials at the next service point and return your start number and timing transponder/chip. Do not forget to return the chip and your start number after the race. Skiers will be charged 30 € per unreturned chip and/or start number. In case you need help ask your fellow skiers to inform the officials at the next service point. For this demanding skiing week you should be in good form and at least 16 years of age.

You should know your physical condition and limits, as the fells are unforgiving. For windy weather, it is important to dress especially carefully and ski in groups.The organizers can interrupt skiing whenever safety requires it. Do not leave the route, as the last service scooter will not pass you By then. The longest distance is Karra-Huikonen on Saturday. If you feel exhausted in the mid way, we recommend you to give up at Pallas after 60 kilometres. We will give you a medal anyway and you will be recognized as a member of the Lapponia ski team. There is a time limit 5 hours from start to Pallas at Karra Huikonen, after which skiers are not allowed to continue the race towards Olos. This is necessary for safety reasons.


We recommend you to have a skier’s insurance, because the organizers can not take responsibility for any injuries encountered however caused during the skiing week.