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Enjoy skiing in Lapland!

Map of service points is here

There are three different skiing days in Lapponia Ski Week, with six different trails to choose from. The races run mainly inside the beautiful Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Please do respect the rules of the park und don't leave any trash behind. There are pit stops available frequently on the trails. These service points offer refreshments suitable for maintenance and refueling of salt and fluids during endurance sport. Please take a look at the detailed descriptions of the race tracks with their elevation profiles.

RACE-INFO AT 18 IN THE RACE OFFICE previous evening - in this info you will hear important facts about the tracks.

Half races include 30 km from Olos to Jeris and back on the first skiing day, 25 km from Pallas to Olos on the second one, and 40 km from Kerässieppi via Pallas to Olos on the third. Half races are available in open classes for men and women and also for seniors over 60 years of age.

Full races cover the most demanding tracks, with 60 km from Olos to Keimiötunturi and back on the first skiing day, 50 km from Vuontisjärvi via Pallas to Olos on the second one, and 80 km from Hetta via Pallas to Olos on the third. Full races are available in open classes for men and women. Team registrations are available as well. Team competition requires that all three team members finish all three full races and max. 1 member of the team can be a woman.

Some tracks of Lapponia Ski Weekt use the existing skiing trails in Muonio area. These tracks have been prepared through the entire winter season. Preparations on the Lapponia race tracks begin early before the start signal, to ensure that they are in great shape for the event. During the night before each race, the tracks get a final grooming by track machines. The race tracks are unmistakably signposted and there is a service snow mobile driving ahead the top skiers. A number of service personnel assists the skiers at gates and road crossings, thus guaranteeing a safe race. First Aid on a snowmobile patrols the trails. A snow mobile patrol follows the very last skier for safety reasons.

Get acquainted with the race tracks, choose your favorites and sign up for Lapponia Ski Week!


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