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You can collect your time tracking chips and number bibs from the race office on previous evening before the race or in the morning of the race day before buses leave for starting places. The race office is located inside the Olos Polar Kota restaurant and official opening hours will be released near the event.


New number bibs are handed out for each race. If you have paid in advance, you can pick up your number bib and chip in the race office during the evening before the race. Pparticipants can also pick up their number bibs and chips during the morning of the race in the starting area. The number bib must be attached to your front side with four safety pins. Every race is run with new number bibs. We don't take reservations for number bibs or chips without prepayment. In cases of illness or personal medications, please write down the necessary information on the backside of your number bib for the first aid crew to see in emergencies. We hand out final number bibs 30 minutes before the race in the starting area (long races) and 15 minutes before the race in the starting area (half and quarter races).


Every transponder chip is coded invidually for every skier. In order to guarantee your personal time measurement, please don’t let anybody else use your chip. Please attach your chip as low as possible around your ankle, with the transponder facing outwards. When starting for the Full Races, you will activate your chip by walking over a control zone. The activation is confirmed by a peeping sound and you are registered for the start. For the Half Races, there is no control zone activation for your chip, but you will be registered for the start by hand. After the race at the finishing line, you are obliged to return the chip to the organizers. Any unreturned chips will be invoiced at the cost of 30 €. New chips are handed out for each race.


The first starting block includes skiers 1-30 in the Full Races. Organizer also reserves numbers 31-50 and race manager and TD may call for some elite skiers with bigger numbers to the front line. In the Half Races skiers with first numbers start from the first line. All other participants are welcome to choose their starting position behind the first block, but please display sportsmanship and respect the more competitive skiers at the start. First starting block will be based on result lists after the first race and those skiers who participate on all three races have priority having small starting number.


We recommend reserving and paying the transportation fee in advance either in the Internet or at the race office. Please keep your receipt as it may be necessary for boarding the bus in order to prove your payment if your name is not on the check list. Bookings must be done latest the previous evening before the race in order to guarantee enough seats for all participants.


During the first skiing day (Half Keimiö and Keimiön Kiekerö), you are welcome to leave your personal belongings in the garage number 6 in Olos. During the second skiing day (Half Himmelriikki and Himmelriikin Hiihto) and during the third skiing day (Half Huikonen, Karra Huikonen) those using the group transportation arranged by the event organizers can have their personal belongings transported back to Olos from the start. Please indicate your belongings with your name. The personal belongings will be waiting for you in the garage number 6 in Olos. All personal belongings are the participants’ sole responsibility during the entire race week. The event organizers assume no liability for any personal belongings and equipment of the participants.


Ski waxing room is available daily in Lapland Hotel Olos for free use of skiers. The event organizers bear no responsibility for ski waxing or any equipment in the waxing room. There is also professional ski waxing services available at Olos for payment.


If you can’t start or you have to withdraw from any of the races, please inform the race office. The phone number is available during the opening hours of the race office. On the first skiing day, there is group transportation organized from Jeris to Olos for withdrawn skiers. On the second one, there is group transportation organized from Pallas to Olos. On the final skiing day for those withdrawing from Karra Huikonen, the first group transportation from Pallas to Olos starts 6 hours and 15 minutes after the start in Hetta, and then again after the arrival of the last skiers in Pallas. Please observe: During Himmelriikin Hiihto and Karra Huikonen, the pit stop in Pallas closes 3.30 pm. All participants not at the pit stop by then are obliged to withdraw from the race in Pallas for safety reasons. If you have any doubts about your being able to finish the race, you are strongly advised to withdraw.


First aid is available at the pit stops. First aid staff on snowmobiles will be patrolling on the tracks and they are recognizable by their clothing. The snowmobile with a doctor on board can be located by their gps tracker at any given time. At the finish line there is another first aid service station. In emergency, please call 112. If you feel you need help during the race, please ask your fellow skiers to bring the message to the next pit stop. This is a skiing competition in challenging conditions, so you need to be fit. Please be realistic about the weather conditions up in the fell country. In bad weather ski in groups and dress accodingly. Wear sun glasses in order to prevent any damage for your eyes due to possible snow blindness.The event organizers have the right to cancel the competition at any time if the conditions require so. Never leave the track so that the final snow mobile patrol would not see you. There is always soming organizers snowmobile behind the last skier due to safety reasons.


The event organizers reserve the right to disqualify any skier if he/she is not following the regulations or displays unsportsmanlike conduct.


The regulations of the National Park must be obeyed while skiing inside the park. Littering is strictly forbidden. All the participants using energy gels are required to mark packages with name and/or skiing number. Some of the packages will be occasionally checked at the starting area by TD and race director. Empty energy packs need to be returned to trash either at the end of the race or left to service point energy package trash collection nets. On the tracks there are clear information signs telling when service points are near.


The leader of the race is Juha Niemelä.


Long distances men/women, half distances men/women, men/women 60 yrs.+, men/women 16 yrs.


Every skier completing the race will receive a diploma and a medal upon request at the race office. The prize giving ceremony will take place in the Olos Polar Center in the evening of the final skiing day at 7 pm. Trophies will be given to the best skiers (men/women) and the best team in the Full Race Competition. Additionally, the best three skiers of the Half Race (men/women, veterans and best junior under 16 years) and the best skiers of two classic style races (men/women). The best foreign skier (long distance) in men and in women will also get a prize. The rest of the prizes are raffled amongst all participants in attendance at the ceremony (including those who withdrew from the race).

The money prizes in the Full Races Competition are:

Men/Women: 1. place 1000 €, 2. place 600 €, 3. place 400 €.


The results are available in the Internet. You can see the results also on the scoreboard near the finish line.


All participants must have their own accident insurance. The event organizer assumes no liability for accidents, lost items, theft or any other damage during the race.


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+358 16 536 111/Lapland Hotel Olos

e-mail: info(at)lapponiahiihto.fi